Help with Mailqueue calculation

maybee the stupid question of all …
i have a friend who has a maillist of 1200 subscribers and in the past he send them all out in one time, i have made a phonecall with his hosting provider and he told me to send 60 mails pro minute.

I want everything on the save side and was thinking of sending a mail every 2 seconds (wich is 30 mails pro minute)

are my settings correct when i add the folowing in his config.php?


Thanks in advance

@Winock The important setting is the throttle, which will limit phplist to sending up to 30 emails per minute. The actual number will be less than 30 because of the time taken to build and actually send each individual email.
The batch size won’t have much effect as it is larger than the number of subscribers.

As a separate issue, are you sending through the browser or using a cron job? The former might have problems as phplist sends for only one minute elapsed time, then has a delay, before starting again. So it will probably take around an hour to send to all subscribers, and there might be time-out or browser refresh problems with that.

You might want to look at creating a cron job instead.

I guess i understand, should my settings working?

@Winock You need to try them to find out.