Help with configuring apache to receive clicktrack information

I have the latest LAMP and think that the configuration for my virtual server is not allowing an update to the database on my ‘local’
host.’ Any thoughts on properly configuring Apache2 for receiving
tracking data?

Explicitly, I need advice on how to best update Apache to receive click information from a hyperlink? I am using Gmail SMTP in conjunction with my local host and instead of the hyperlinks targeting its intended website it gets redirected to:


Any direction is greatly appreciated.

@ikabraham Using literally “localhost” for the server name isn’t going to work outside of the server itself.
On the phplist settings page you need to enter the external name of the server, such as, or the IP address, in the website address field.

Thanks @duncanc. Excuse my ignorance, I am a complete nube at this. I would I only replace local host with my ipaddress in the config.php file or would I need to update it at other locations?

On a phplist page, not in the config file

Thanks. Not in front of system right now and wanted to make sure that I am not overlooking anything.