Help using subscription forms across multiple websites

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I received the email below discussing the new options, but I don’t see any guide for how to implement them (the pull requests were not helpful). Is there a guide for how to use the subscription forms “across multiple websites.” Also, if I do this, I don’t understand how to use the ACCESS_CONTROL_ALLOW_ORIGINS.

New features
The AJAX-based subscription forms are now able to function across multiple websites. A new config constant called ACCESS_CONTROL_ALLOW_ORIGINS has been added which is an array where you can put in your different origins you want to allow. Also, a new header “Vary: Origin” has been added to optimize cache control in the case where the array option is used.- thanks to Nepomuk Leutschacher for the implementation. Have a look at the Pull Request. Additionally, now with the AJAX request, you can specify a particular list instead of all lists being used. Thanks to Duncan Cameron for the implementation. Have a look at the Pull Request.


@keeenone The change is only to do with providing a way to set different values for ACCESS_CONTROL_ALLOW_ORIGIN, instead of as previously only one host or ‘*’.

Take a look at the example in config_extended.php. You need to set either ACCESS_CONTROL_ALLOW_ORIGIN or ACCESS_CONTROL_ALLOW_ORIGINS but not both

Do you have a link where I can download the latest config_extended.php file? The auto-updater is not updating it. I found no references to anything with access control in my version.


Thank you.

Are there any sample forms available for how to set this up on a Web site?

@keeenone It’s not clear exactly what you mean, but see the section in the online manual for creating an ajax subscribe box