Help upgrading from 3.0.6

I haven’t used my phplist installation in a while… it says I’m at 3.0.6… a few questions:

Is it possible to upgrade from that version all the way to the most recent version?

What’s changed since 3.0.6?

How do I ensure maximum deliverability if I install this on my new server? I just tried sending out an email and 0 of my 3 tests were received… I’m also getting a new server right now too so the problem could be with my current/old server

I don’t see a place to download my subscriber lists from the panel where is it? I’ve already exporeted the database to sql and csv.

Already found the export feature… it’s deep inside editing the list.

And the reason my tests didn’t go through is because Google and Yahoo are blocking my server/domain because they are nasty communists.

So, you should start using DuckDuckGo. It is more secure and safe.