Help to find problem with my installation


@michiel told me that I certainly have other problems than the DKIM bug due to PHPMailer < 6.0.3 but I can’t find what problem could cause my emails going to spam folders. Could you please help me ?
Here is what I did :

  • I tested newsletter with and the only problem shown is an incorrect DKIM signature. Everything else is fine (SPF passed, Envelope sender domain matches handover relay domain, HELO, reverse DNS is right and my server is not blacklisted).
  • I tested using and got same result : everything is OK (HELO Greeting, Reverse DNS, DNSBL, SPF, SPAMAssassin Content Checks, BATV, Greylisting, URIBL) except DKIM signature

What should I check to see if there is another problem than DKIM in my installation (this DKIM problem is caused by the PHPMailer shipped in PHPList 3.3.3 – see here) ??



Is there somebody to help me ? @michiel maybe ?

@trucmuche2005 You may get answers more quickly by searching dkim-specific resources. The problem is not specific to phpList, by the sounds of things.