Help please, here is more click than views

hi there! i have more clicks(56 (green)) than unique views(31 (red)). how it can be? when i open “clicks” in my e-mail message, i see 2 links. first link - link that i need. my working link for peoples. but second - ’’(thats not working link,instead of ‘my-domain’ i have something other, but it doesnt matter). i have 29 clicks in this link, and i cant do my e mail campaign well because of this bug. how can i fix it?

@paul123 This looks to be valid. The “unique views” is the number of subscribers who have opened the email. The “total clicks” is the number of times any link in the email has been clicked; multiple clicks of the same link are counted multiple times.

For the problem with the wrong domain, look at the Settings page for “website address” and the “Subscription” group of settings which has several URLs.