Help page not using local css file

I have tried to change the look of phpList and i was successful in doing so.
But i encountered a problem when it came to the help page.
the new look works on all the pages except the Help page.
The help page uses the styling from the style.css and uses an image from folder.
Can anyone help me in understanding this?
As to why only the help page is not following the local specified image in my stylesheet.

@mariez or Tarek might be best to help on this. Feel free to show us your new look, we like to see phpList looking pretty :smiley:

What image are you trying to change? if you are trying to change the “hand” icon on last tab, it looks like is remote content all that tab.

No i am not changing the image but the look of the phplist page.
I somehow manged to get the help page look like the other pages on phplist.
By adding the styling lines of code to the class in the css file.