Heavy database table

My database table start to be quiet heavy

  • phplist_usermessage --> 80Mo
  • phplist_user_user_history --> 15 Mo
  • phplist_eventlog --> 15 Mo

furthermore I get 7 domain, and each phplist base around 160 Mo, so almost 1go.

How could I lighten.

You can clear the event log from the web interface: “System”, “Log of events”, use the dropdown menu to clear the systemlog.

When you delete the usermessage, or user_history, you will remove all the analytics/reports for the data you delete.
If you want to do this, then you need to go directly into the database and remove usermessage records where the messageid is for older messages (you can lookup the message ids in the ‘user_message’ table.
For the user_user_history, you would want to delete records before a specific date.

Note that doing these deletes may delete more than you expect…

I was hoping a feature to clean base with filter