Handling images [solved]

after reading a lot everywhere 'round here I’m sorry to admit that … I don’t exactly now how to handle this …

I’ve created a Template (add default system) than edited it a bit to fit with desidered layout (colors, mainly).
I’ve uploaded an image to server and put it in the template as a kind of banner.
I’ve installed and enabled the inlineImagePlugin.
I’ve also played with the define (“EMBEDUPLOADIMAGES”,0); in config.php

Well, what I’m experiencing is that:

  • on email clients like Mac Mail, the image is properly showed (first time you have to accept to load remote images), no matter which accout (icloud, gmail, or other);
  • in some webmail services the image is properly showed (like iCloud but not only)
  • in Gmail (through browser) it is not showed, and there’s not any way to say “load remote image” or similar. Just a square and, if defined, the alt text.
    Here following the image link, as apperars on a Gmail web mail:


(just edited it with mydomain and imageembedded.gif)

It happens the same on android smartphones, and iPads, no matter which account you send to (gmail or others) and no matter if you set (like iPad) to Load Remote Images.

can this depend also on the fact that I’m running phplist in https ?

Thank you for your kind attention


Can you follow the instructions on this chapter https://phplist.org/manual/ch024_diy-super-simple-template.xhtml as a test, to see if it works for you. It may be the method you add the image etc.

Just follow it word for word and then see if that template works right.



Thank you Anna.
I’ve reed this reply from you many times here … :wink:
Already tested, with no luck.
logo.png was not showing, although it is in the proper directory (/lists/images/image), not even in the template. After editing its icon on template editor and choosing the logo.png, it shows at least in the template editor. The result after sending a test mail on google webmail is the same as described in my last mail.

[ What I’ve done to add an image to the default template was to click on the image button on the editor, upload a .jpg, define atl text and, in some case, also a link (which does work, btw) ]


So my understanding is that the best way to add images into template is to leave the image blank - image.png or banner.jpg, and then when you click save you are prompted to upload the image. This will only show as an icon, not as a full image.

It’s not the most intuitive system, but it does resolve many of your issues. So when you say:

Lets be more thorough.

  1. having followed the instructions exactly, and done nothing else, ignoring anything that seems wrong
  2. then make a new campaign, choose the correct template from the formatting tab
  3. send the campaign to a test list

and then make a screenshot of the outcome. :smile:

the problem is not the way to add images to a template, but to have them shown on clientside as embedded.

In some clients it appears, maybe confirming to show remote images first time, in some webmail services, like icloud, it is shown correctly, in gmail (via browser) it is not showed.

if I copy/paste the image URL as it is embedded in google mail, here is the result:


(just changed into mydomain.org here) if you paste the url in your browser you are redirected to this page:

(btw your emails coming from this blog are put in spam by google)

Good morning Anna.
this is what I’ve found out:

following your example, resulting html code in template is

<img alt="NEWSLETTER" src="logo.png"

adding an image from editor, (uploading or choosing from available on the server), resulting code becomes

<img alt="NEWSLETTER" src="https://mydomain.org/lists/images/image/logo.png"

the first is fine, the second does not work.

Changing absolute path in template was the solution.

Thank you