Graphics and info for marketing decision making

Hi, first of all, if this is not the right place to post this or the rigth channel, please let me now :wink:

I’m a Marketing professional who uses PHPList, is it possible or already exists, for PHPList some kind of theme or new version that natively on PHPLists produces graphics for the marketing professional use and show in reunions, superiors and decision making ?

Examples bellow

Hi @gustavomelo, the campaign statistics plugin provides some graphs:

Not like the one in your images though.

Comprehensive data visualisation is something phpList should have in future though. Are you interested in contributing to the addition of this feature set?

Hi Sam,

To be honest, its the first place that i work that uses PHPList, i used other e-mail marketing software on other companies, universities, etc… (PHPList does the job and works fine by the way) and i’m not a programmer/developer, i’m marketing end user, that worked a lot of time on IT industry

Don’t now how i can contribute ?

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If this would be of business value to you then you can consider sponsorship of staff developers. Please direct message me if you’d like to discuss this.

I work on a non-profit ngo and on this time i don’t have the legal power or autorization to do this (or the budget) :frowning:

The plugin did help by the way :slight_smile:

Looking into new templates posts now :wink:

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