Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and Rediffmail Can't Receive The Campaigns!

Hello to all supporting members,
I am using version 3.3.1 and setup Cron’s Job to process the queue and bounce handling too; here at this point everything works well, campaigns status shows:

But the problem is Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and Rediffmail Can’t Receive The Campaigns!
I have checked it by adding my own email accounts on gmail, yahoo, hotmail and rediffmail where as for my others domains mail it’s received e.g.
Here one more screen-shot for bounce handling:

I have setup and accounts for my domain too.
Please help me to resolve this problem.

Hello to all,
I am here because I have used this software and like too but here in this forum, I feel some outrageous may be due to I am asking something wrong w.r.t to this forum or members have not interested to give reply but It’s OK.
Since I know “Where ever a door closed for you then a door opens for you too”.
Today, I am going to tell you that If any of the members either at present day or in coming future may have faced this type of problem then here is the diagnosis steps:

  1. First of all contact your Hosting provider to ask, Is your domain caught under “Spam Filter”?
    If Yes then tell them to remove from the Spam Filter. If No then Go to Step 2
  2. Check your DNS record for the possibility of BlackListed by mail providers either gmail, yahoo, hotmail or any other due to Spam activity/contents within your campaigns.
    In this case you may need to contact them (Mail providers) by a contact form.
    Visit this link to know more: