GMAIL smtp sends campaign messages but hyperlinks don't work

I am using Ubuntu 15.04 and have uploaded the most recent LAMP from terminal. However, the links on my images are returning to localhost vs targeted website.


#$bounce_mailbox_port = “995/pop3/ssl”;

$message_envelope = ‘’;

@ikabraham Please use the code button </> when copying php or html so that it is displayed sensibly.

Possibly you have enabled click tracking in your config.php file. That replaces each link by one to a phplist page in order to track link clicks.

Thanks for the review and comment. I turned click tracking off as well but I received the same issue. I believe it may be my configuration trying to ping back to update the database. I would like to track links if possible, it is a great feature for data analytics with campaigns.

I have the latest LAMP and think it may be that the configuration for my virtual server is not allowing an update to the database on my ‘local’ host. Any thoughts on properly configuring Apache2 for receiving tracking data? I’m a nube.