Forwardurl and Send test

I’ve got two problems:
1 - In the model of the campaign added [FORWARDURL] and put config.php, define (“FORWARD_EMAIL_COUNT”, 1);

On the sending test by clicking the linkrecebo the message “Not Found”

2 - In the model, in the footer, this item Send test. I put an email and it reports that failed to be sent, but does not show the error. How to know what is wrong?

Sending test “Request for confirmation” failed to
Sending test “Welcome” to failed
Sending test “Unsubscribe confirmation” failed to

It sounds like you might want to check the following values in your ‘Configuration’ ‘settings’:

  1. The 'Website address (without the http) This is used to generate the links. Once you change this, go further down on the settings to check the other web addresses, and make sure they are correct.

  2. If you can’t send, you should look in the system log… “System”, “Log of events”. It will usually provide some information that will be useful in troubleshooting. Off hand, it sounds like your send settings in the config.php file should be verified.

You can only send to an address that is in the contact database.

Yes, and Forwardurl does not work in test emails (I don’t think so anyway, unless it changed).

Try actually sending the campaign to a test list and see if the problem persists.

Thank you, I managed to send the campaign, no problem, is working.

The other problem still remains - [FORWARDURL]. Why can not resend the campaign to a friend?

Website address (without http://) - is without the http://
The URL only complete this item in the Subscription settings, such as http://

Just to clarify, you have tested this in an email which has been sent using the usual sending method, not just a test. It does not work in test emails.

Yes, I tested with list email.
Suddenly began to work, I do not know why.
Thanks for the support and support.

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Hi Dan,

I have the same problem as I get the failed message for Test Send at the bottom of campiagn page, and the error produced by Log of Events; Error sending email to Could not instantiate mail function.

What could be the source of error?


Hi Amir,

The system is saying that it cannot connect to a function that will mail the message.

I’d recommend that you look a the PHPMAILERHOST in your config.php. For starters, try using the default mailer:

# To use a SMTP server please give your server hostname here, leave it blank to use the standard
# PHP mail() command.