Forward message : 404 error. Can't find a solution... Help me please


Once a campaign is sent, I would like to allow a collaborator to forward campaign to some email addresses but the link a 404 error page.
And when I try to access in my web browser the URL substituted to [FORWARDURL] in the message sent by PHPlist (like, I also get a 404 error.

PHPList is 3.3.3.

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Have you changed the $pageroot in your config.php file to point to your newsletter folder? By default this is assumed to be “lists”

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Yes : I have in config.php file : $pageroot = '/newsletter';
Could you help please ? Maybe @duncanc ?
Many thanks in advance…

EDIT. I updated PHPList to latest version and the problem remains…

Are you trying to forward a test message? If so, there are restrictions on doing that. You need to be concurrently logged-in to phplist as an admin.

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OK it was that… Thanks…

But if I try to forward two times successively a message to the same email address, PHPList displays an error the second time because the message has already been sent to that email address.
Is there a way to remove that protection and allow people to forward a message multiple times to the same address ?

EDIT. Oh. And the note is not prepended to the forwarded message as expected… Why ??



There are some config file defines that control how many and how often you can forward an email. See

@duncanc : I think I was unclear because I can’t see anything related to my question.
I would like to allow forwarding multiple times the SAME message to the SAME email address. Now, I can’t : PHPList tells that the message has already been sent to the given email address…

And for the note, I already have define("FORWARD_PERSONAL_NOTE_SIZE",1000); in my config.php file, the input box appears in the forward page, BUT the note is NOT prepended in the message sent as expected.

That is intentional to stop spamming the target email address. You have to use different email address each time that you forward a particular email.

I don’t know any more about how forwarding is meant to work.

I know that is intentional but I would like to be able to send again. Is there a way to disable this check ??Sometimes, it’s useful to send a second time to those people who deletes email too quickly…

For the note which is written in the forward page but not added to the forwarded message which is sent, how can I ask for help ? It seems like a bug, isn’t it ?

@trucmuche2005 You can delete rows from the user_message_forward table. That should allow you to forward to the same email address again.

Sorry but I don’t use forwarding so cannot explain more about how it is meant to work.

That does sound like a bug. Please report it to

I assume it can’t be disabled, but you can try changing the settings documented here: Search [phpList Resources]

Done :

I looked at your link, @samtuke but I don’t see anything related to my question… Could you be more precise, please ? :-s

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Those are the config settings relating to forwards. If any config option exists to control the number of times a recipient can receive a forward, then it’s probably one of those. But I agree none of them look like they do what you need.

just modify the url from this https://[WEBSITE]/?p=forward to this

means remove the ? mark