Form and Surveys implementation in the newsletter

Hi, i don’t think i’m looking for something impossible asking how is it possible to insert a simplee questionnaire in a newsletter…
i mean… i have to contact my clients and ask them some questions… i just want they have the possibility to reply ddirectly from the newsletter, without exit to other links, borowser etc…
is it not possible to do in php list? is it not possible to put a orm template in the body of the newsletter? if is possible how can i do this because i search online some solution but i didn’t find absolutely nothing…
for marketing activities i think will be extremely importat to have the possibility to insert surveys, questionnaire etc in a newsletter…
thanks to anyone will have a solution to propose

kind regards

so… let me understand… nobody ever had to send a form in a newsletter? wow… very helpful :smile:

Hi, I have never done this myself, and as far as I know these is no plugin for this. I have also never seen this in an email I have received. However, to assist further, let’s examine the problem in more detail.

Can you explain what issue you are having, why you think it is not possible to add a form? What have you tried so far? Have you built a form and been unable to add it to your campaign?

Additionally, as phpList attributes can handle any data you like, it would be super cool to make a subscribe page and use it as a poll, so the data is imported into phpList. I know you can’t do that within an email (not technologically possible) however, you can use it as a way of gathering data - like this poll

Hi Anna,
what i’m looking for it’s the simple possibiliti to have directly in the newsletter some form text fields to process with an external php file, in order to give to the client the possibility to answer to some question without open links, browser or any alse… just wrote and submit.
I’m not a programmer, but i tried to insert html, php, cgi forms but nothing… i cannot visualize any form field in the newsletter…
now i think to send just a webpag link but is not really what i want to do, also because in this case many other phplist shortcodes like [forward] [usertrack] [email] etc will be not possibe to introduce…

i don’t need sureveys at the registration, i have to send costantly surveys to the mailing list, like text field, checkbox, radio button, etc…
but i did not find anything online talking about this for phplist


no, you can still have these in your footer even if you send a web page. That sounds like a good option.

Did you find out if it is possible “in general” - I am no expert but I suspect it is simply not possible to put a form in an email like this. I have never seen one before, and as part of my job I am subscribed to hundreds of newsletters

anyway i tested also the possibility to send a webpage link but also in this case the newsletter arrive without text field… so… nothing. i have to start again… :frowning:

Some types of code cannot be sent by email, if you send those using send a web page they cause issues. I know JavaScript is an issue for example

MailChimp has an implementation that could be translated to phpList:

Click tracking is already part of phpList, it’s just a matter of storing the survey options as URLs.

It would probably be fairly simple to create as a plugin.

Would you like to take a shot at creating this? It sounds like a fun idea. I can help you get people to test it and things…

Anna, I might attempt this as a plugin at some point in the future.

In the meantime, prefilling a Google Form via URL might be a good approach:

The unique URLs will also be tracked by PHPList.

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Sounds good… fancy writing it up in a quick blog on You should already have access :sunny: :smiley: :wink:

Hi Anna,

I just successfully tested this in a newsletter. I’ll work on writing it up some time.

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great! :smiley: I would love to use it in an email myself!

Hi @justinputney,

Have you any news regards the plugin that you planned to attempt?

I found a free Open Source Software survey tool that actually does more than I had hoped. The name is “Limesurvey” and the english version can be viewed at:

Unlike the software programs I have looked at before, this one is feature rich… it is a stand-alone program and therefore I have used links in my phplist newsletters to my webpages where people can take the survey’s.

Yes, we know limesurvey. They are fine.

If you are looking for that level of features then phpList is totally not the right tool. A quick fun survey in order to get click tracking data would be fine, but not a whole survey, imho.