Forbidden error when creating subscribe page

I am struggling with an issue where no matter what I try, I cannot create a subscribe page. I have given my superadmin account access to all settings changes, but anytime I hit save changes on the subscribe page it just says “Forbidden”

What am I missing?

@peakaudiodevices Possibly caused by anti-malware software on the web server. The Apache module mod_security might be blocking that page because it looks to contain literal HTML such as the page header field.

I think you may be right, I’m not even able to edit the existing subscriber page from the settings menu, same “Forbidden” error. What can I do to work around this?

@peakaudiodevices You will need to raise the problem with whoever manages your server. They should be able to see what is happening through the web server log, and possibly need to disable a rule used by mod_security.

this was definitely the issue, thanks for your time!