Footer Not Showing in emails

Hi again,

I am trying to get my Phplist to includ the default [FOOTER] because it is not being sent out in the emails, just the PhpList image [SIGNATURE] is there.

Config>Settings>Default footer for sending a campaign
The problem I think is in the setting “Editing Default footer for sending a campaign Editing cancelled” here is the [FOOTER] code I am using.

<div class="footer" style="text-align:left; font-size: 75%;">
<p>This message was sent to [EMAIL] by [FROMEMAIL]</p>
<p>To forward this message, please do not use the forward button of your email application, because this message was made specifically for you only. Instead use the <a href="[FORWARDURL]">forward page</a> in our newsletter system.<br/>
To change your details and to choose which lists to be subscribed to, visit your personal <a href="[PREFERENCESURL]">preferences page</a><br/>
Or you can <a href="[UNSUBSCRIBEURL]">opt-out completely</a> from all future mailings.</p>