Footer not part of a campaign template?

To send campaigns in different languages, I have set up separate campaign templates including footers in different languages.


However, regardless which campaign template I use, always the default footer ( is used instead the footer of the campaign template.

Is there a way to dismiss the general footer and use the campaign template contents as the footer?

This would be very tedious if I would have to manually change the general footer over and over again depending on the campaign language.

Your feedback would be very much appreciated.

@Knupps You should clear the Footer area when you compose a campaign. The “footer” in your template is not recognised as such by phplist, and it will always add the content of the campaigns Footer area.

But if I clear the footer in the campaign and if the footer in the template is not recognized, wouldn’t the campaign not be left with no footer at all?

Any idea how to configure phplist to easily create/switch between campaigns of different languages?

@Knupps phplist will use all of the template, and also add the footer area from the campaign. So having an empty campaign footer will not affect the details in your template.

If I set up a new campaign with footer cleared and select a template (that contains footer as shown above), no footer (of my template) will be output in the test email.

@Knupps I have set the default footer to be just a space. Then I don’t have to change the footer area for a campaign.

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In the default footer, I replaced two dummy – with a single space as you suggested …Now, it works!

Thanks again for being so helpful!

Ouch, new issue! If the subscriber opted for no-html, then the template is broken:

  • html -> plain text fallback is ugly (OK, we probably have to live with it).

  • No footer

  • Placeholder [PREFERENCESURL] is falsely translated to the confirm.php page.


Any help would be very much appreciated.

@Knupps You are correct about the plain text email, I had forgotten that phplist uses the template only for html format emails.
To use a custom footer in the way that you want, for html and plain text, you will have to include that at the bottom of each campaign message not in the template.

The preferences url is taken from the Settings page. What value do you have for

phplist uses the template only for html format emails.

Are the devs aware of the shortcoming? Any chance that templates will hold both, HTML and plain text contents?

I really fell in love phplist within two days of digging into it but the plain text and template department has “some room for improvement”. :wink:

It could be a nasty trap for new users who may carefully test with HTML only and then could run into legal issues by sending campaigns with non-compliant footer.

Indeed, my placeholder settings seem to be wrong:

Strange, I never changed it. Easy to be fixed. Thank you.

@Knupps You might want to try the Content Areas plugin. It combines the template with the message content, and the plain text is taken from that, not just the message content.