Fontawsome in a website does not show up in the newsletter

when I send a website as a newsletter and there are icons from fontawsome in it, where fontawsome is installed locally on my server, the icons do not show up in the newsletter.

What could be the cause of that?


Have you tried debugging the fontawesome elements in a browser to hunt for errors?

Thanks samtuke,

in all browsers these icons show up, I load them from the domain host itself, not from an external host.

When I send a webpage as a newsletter and I open this in thundebird, then all is OK but for the icons and the navigation. The navigation I can remove from the template but I just wonder why images show up and not icons from the fontawsome directory on my server.

If there is no simple explanation I will exchange the fontawesome icons for png’s or svg’s.


Can you send the email to a webmail client (like Protonmail or Gmail) and debug the missing fontawesome elements in the browser, to see if they appear or not, and if not, why not?

I have checked it in gmail.
The font-family is still on roboto, that is strange.
I will look into that later.


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