[FIXED] Image upload .htaccess causes 500 error [3.3.1]


I’ve got a problem with phplist 3.3.1. The system is trying to create a .htaccess in the images/image directory to upload images. This works well since the .htaccess is created, unfortunately, this .htaccess file causes an error 500 Internal Server Error on my host when I access uploaded images. If I remove the .htaccess file or I comment the php_flag and Options line, I can access my images again.

(The files are correctly uploaded, just cannot access them later)

Can I prevent kcfinder (I think it is the module creating the .htaccess file) to create this .htaccess file ? I tried to remove the Write permission on this file, but then, it complains that it cannot write it… And when I comment the lines, the file is overriden later by kcfinder.



@wichtounet You can try modifying the default .htaccess file in kcfinder/conf/upload.htaccess.

Remove the lines that are causing a problem and delete the .htaccess file in the upload directory. kcfinder should then use your modified file.

@wichtounet I have found that the recommended way is to disable the check for htaccess by modifying the file kcfinder/conf/config.php

'_check4htaccess' => true,

change true to false. But you should then put your own .htaccess file in the upload directory.

@duncanc Thank you very much. This works perfectly well!