Fixed delay of 30s when processing queue in browser


when processing the queue in browser there is a delay of 30 seconds between batches.

According to this topic:

this is a fixed delay.

I was unsure whether to reply to that thread or start a new one, but here we go.

Is there any way to change that delay, for example by editing the source files.
A tip in the right direction would be appreciated.

I found:

$delaytime = 10; ## actually with the iframe we can reload fairly quickly
processQueueOutput(s(‘Waiting for %d seconds before reloading’, $delaytime), 1, ‘progress’);

in processqueue.php, which seems to be the point where the browser output is created, but here it seems the delay is hardcoded to be 10 seconds (which ironically is the time we would like to set).

@DanielB There is also the file admin/actions/processqueue.php