First campaign fail

Hi all,

brand new to PHPList, and am on a big learning curve. been working through setting it up and have got to the point where I can try and send my first campaign to a test list. there are three confirmed emails in the list. I built a template and applied it. placed some straight "lorum ipsun text and an image into the first message and followed the bouncing ball to the process que.

When I bagan t he process, I seemed to just be getting a continuous loop of Failed to send email error> I have no idea where error logs are or anything, but have full access to my server.

So, now Im at a loss here. I’ve obviously missed something. looking for some help to get this process working.

The installation is on s shared server (godaddy). PHPlist version is 3.6.10


@jeddell Look at the Event Log page, any error in sending should be reported there.

If you are sending through an SMTP server then you can enable debug. Look in config_extended.php for how to do that.

So it looks like its an SMTP failure. I was under te impression that this app didn’t need an SMTP connection, but was just an option?

@jeddell You are not being very clear. The default is not to use SMTP, so unless you have configured that in config.php phplist will be sending using the php mail() function.

What exactly is shown in the event log?

I apologise. Here is the wording I found in the logged Events. If there is a event log file, I cant find it.

“Error sending email to SMTP connect() failed. Troubleshooting · PHPMailer/PHPMailer Wiki · GitHub

This is the same for all three emails. So it appears as though the SMTP ‘setting’ (where-ever that is) is defaulted to enabled.

Again if im no clear, Im not familiar with the terminology that this community uses regarding PHPlist yet. Ive been playing with if for about two days total. I have had success in setting up the SMTP, but I would prefer NOT to use it .

Reading the github link, it mentions something about PHPmailer. Im guessing this may be important? Any info on whether this installs with PHPLists or is something that needs to be installed on top of it?

I appreciate your time

PHPmailer seams not be installed or usable on every Server
so you can use SMPT easy by adding

define(‘PHPMAILERHOST’, ‘mail.server.hostname’);
$phpmailer_smtpuser = ‘’;
$phpmailer_smtppassword = ‘user_password’;

to the config.php file by using the same credentials as for your Email account for outgoing Mails

on my system this tow settings did not work


so i tried it without this two lines and it worked anyway