FIND vs. DELETE invalid email addresses

In 3.2.5, in Reconcile Subscribers, I only see this button:

Delete subscribers who have an invalid email address

In 2.10.x, I liked to use FIND invalid email addresses first, before proceeding to delete. Any chance this FIND will return?

Otherwise, is there a way for me to find the list of invalid addresses that were just deleted? This is useful for those of us who want to clean up upstream databases of our customers. And make sure the invalid email addresses don’t get re-imported again.

Didn’t show up in “LOG OF EVENTS”.

@ See the Subscribers plugin
You can validate subscribers email addresses (although the screen shots need updating).

Thanks Duncanc, I have installed Subscribers plugin and Common Plugin and both are enabled.

The feature is found at:
Subscriber Reports > Subscribers with an invalid email address [RUN].