Final block of particular emails or email domains?

I couldn’t find a way to make PHPLIST permanently stop ever sending emails to a particular email address or email domain.

  • If I just block a subscriber, it doesn’t help because he can later resubscribe (what I don’t want).

  • I also want to use wild-cards like * I tried the fakeemail-prevention plugin but couldn’t find an easy way to add email addresses.

The latter would be required to fight against scam artists who send a ceize & desist letter complaining about spam and then res-subscribing with VPN IP addresses and ask for hefty fees for violating of the agreed ceise & desist letter. They slightly change the email address for this task. Please don’t debate it, it DOES happen.


  • Use the ‘prevent disposable’ plugin to block particular domains, and edit the list of banned domains in the plugin file to include the ones you want
  • Block individual addresses using your mail server (e.g. Postfix). Most mail servers allow you to use a blacklist file for this purpose
  • Follow this mantis issue which tracks adding more advanced features to phpList for handling such cases