Few beginners questions

Hello, just installed PHPList as a first time user. All looks to be working and I can send test emails.

There’s a sending limit on my SMTP so I set up something like the following, as I like the idea that emails are sent in small batches through the day to keep within limits:


I also set up a cron job as the manual states: ########/phplist.sh -pprocessqueue

What I don’t get is how the batches are sent. Do I need to keep my browser open continiously so that once the first batch is sent the next batch gets sent? Or will the cron trigger off the next batch so I can close my browser and go to bed?

If for some reason the cron is not getting executed, can I continue the campaign from where it ended? I.e. if 25 out of 100 emails got sent but then the cron didn’t execute or server went down, can the campaign be continued from where it left off?

And what if for some reason I reach my SMTP daily send limit and it starts rejecting emails, can I re-continue the campaign once my sending limit has been reset?

Thanks for the help

So I didn’t get a reply and went ahead and started testing myself.

The cron does keep the campaign running, allowing the browser to be closed and the campaign to keep sending. The cron runs, checks if it’s within sending limits, and starts sending emails, ensuring it stays within limits. Very clever system. So if a cronjob is missed, due to server down or whatever, it will just continue when it comes back online, each time ensuring sending limits are not exceeded.

The PHPList queue page seems to be auto refreshing itself, so I suspect that if no cron was set up and the page was left open then it would keep the campaign sending, but I haven’t tested this.