Feature suggestion for setting attributes when importing addresses


I don’t know where to make a new feature proposition…

It would be a nice thing to have the attributes displayed in the simple import page “/admin/?page=importsimple” in order to be able to define attributes to set for each imported address written in the textfield when the import button is fired…

It would also be nice to have for each attribute an option box “overwrite attribute : yes/no” to overwrite the existing value of the attribute or not…

These two functionalities would help me a LOT when adding addresses manually…

Many thanks in advance !


Not because you have difficulty with that. Because what you want is available

No, Lester, this is NOT available, whatever you means. You don’t understand what I say, that’s all.

I know that importing a FILE with attributes set is possible in the “admin/?page=import1” page or in the “admin/?page=import2” page, it’s ok, thank you. But I would like to have the possibility to set attributes when I use the “admin/?page=importsimple” page. THIS would be VERY useful.

Today again, I had to import three email addresses (copied into the clipboard) into my database. I had to :

  • go to “admin/?page=importsimple” page
  • select the list to import to,
  • copy & paste the email addresses in the field, validate
  • search for the first email address imported and change the attributes, validate.
  • search for the second email address imported and change the attributes the same way, validate.
  • same for the third address.

So much operations… If the attributes list was shown in the “admin/?page=importsimple” page exactly like in the “admin/?page=import1”, this would be much easier…

Wouldn’t it be possible to add this ?

These forums are not the right place to ask for new features. You will need to raise an issue on Mantis, https://mantis.phplist.org/view_all_bug_page.php

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