Failed Data Structure Check

I’ve just updated from PHPList 3.02 to 3.2.1 and any access to subscriber details results in an Error 1146. Checking the database via the Data Structure Check indicates that there are problems with phplist_attribute, phplist_user_attribute, phplist_user, phplist_user_history. Checking using PHPmyAdmin shows that these structures no longer exist in the database.

How do I restore these missing structures? And get PHPList working again?

I note that the database contains phplist_user_user_attribute, phplist_user_user, phplist_user_user_history but I’m not sure these are relevant.


@DJ1 It looks like you might have set the wrong value for this entry in your config file


To use those existing tables (phplist_user_user_attribute, phplist_user_user, phplist_user_user_history) the value needs to be

$usertable_prefix = "phplist_user_";

Thanks @duncanc, unfortunately changing the $usertable_prefix allowed my problem tables to be verified by the Data Structure Check but all of the other Structures instantly became a problem.
I used phpMyAdmin to rename the 4 problem tables and 3 of them checked OK, phplist_user_attribute failed.
Checking my lists and subscribers in PHPList shows that I now supposedly have NO subscribers, even though the data has over 500 subscribers in the phplist_user structure.
Under PHPList->Configuration dropdown menu there is an option to "initialise database’ which had a Red thumbs down symbol. Clicking “Go There” resulted in showing that the database tables already exist. Also in this menu I have Red them downs against “Configure attribute”, “Create a Subscribe page” and “Add some subscribers”. Is this significant to my problem? A couple of these seem dangerous. :smile:

So the tables exist and there is data in those tables, double checking with a Data Structure Check now indicates that only the phplist_user_attribute fails to check. And I still can’t see any subscriber information.

Any and all help appreciated.

Rename them to what? It’s not very clear how your tables are named, and the values that you have for $usertable_prefix and $table_prefix in the config file.
If you are using the same config file as before the upgrade then there shouldn’t be these types of problems.

Finally fixed the problem. It was a combination of issues that were fixed by editing both the config file as @duncanc indicated plus altering the names of some of the user tables. Some tables had been altered (don’t know how but suspect by our hosting company in when they tried to reinstall the whole App from a backup) by including an extra _user in their name, e.g.: phplist_user_attribute became phplist_user_user_attribute.

Thanks for all the help!