Exporting subscribers in one list

I want to export subscribers in one list and the available online documentation gives the method that couldn’t be used - there are no pages mentioned.

Well, I found the page to export one list (rather well hidden), but after clicking export, the page says “All done”, but nothing is done.

Which release of phplist are you using? There was a problem with export that I think was fixed in release 3.0.10 or possibly 3.0.11.

Thanks! Upgraded to last version - the problem remains.

There is no difference in the result between trying to export all subscribers or from only 1 list

When I export there is a rotating phplist symbol then a dialogue to save or open the download. If you do not get the same result then I guess that an error might be happening, but I can’t suggest where to look.

As an alternative, if you cannot get export to work, you can try the Subscribers plugin. That also lets you export the subscribers on a list.

It took some time to install the latest version of Common plugin and Subscribers.
The same problem with exporting - after some time about two lines appear - Headings and the subscriber, but even this is half/cut off.

Probably I should go to support group, I didn’t expect this problem to be so stubborn.

Just to ask you to clarify exactly what happens when you click the export icon (the small Excel image) on the Advanced Search page.

You should get a prompt to open or save the download, but you seem to be having the actual data displayed.
How many subscribers are you trying to export?
Which version of php are you using?

Separately, did you have a problem installing either of the plugins?

Hi, sorry I missed this post - can you link to the documentation you are referring to.

So, next time you need to do this - click the little grey + Reply as linked topic on the right hand side, and it will create an automatic link like this Export subscribers doesn't work on the right too :slight_smile:

Hi Anna,
I am have no problems exporting to excel, so I assume recent upgrades have resolved this issue.
I know this is an old post, but I am not sure whether creating a new one is necessary.
However, it does not seem to be possible to do multiple selections with the current version.

Would it be possible to include an additional dropdown box to the Advanced Filter called Type with 3 options New (default) , Combine and Filter
With this available, could the current found list be made to work as a temporary subscriber list?

My other wishlist requests would be to …

  • copy the found list directly to a Subscriber List
  • make the list of 15 visible attributes selectable from the full list of available attributes
  • provide for additional search criteria, e.g. Attribute like/not like xyz%@aol.com
  • use Saved Segments as attributes that can be filtered (e.g. sName_A = True).

@Geoff Please start a new topic instead of tagging-on to one that is more than one year old.

You are referring to the Subscribers plugin, which I developed, not to core phplist. So I am repeating myself by saying that you appear to want personal support from me. If you do want that, which I charge for, then please send a personal message and we can discuss it.

For you info Sam has raised a new Mantis request to do with exporting subscribers.
Clearly, there are others that are looking for additional functionality

I have added my suggestions/wishlist as a note to that.