Exporting subscribers / creating new administrators

This is day 2 for me trying to use phplist for a club mailing list. I’ve hit a couple of problems and would be very grateful for some guidance. I am using phplist version 3.2.5 on a Chrome browser on a W10 Home computer.
Problem 1 is that when I export the subscriber list the resulting csv file isn’t fixed width and doesn’t have a comma delimiter so it’s impossible to parse. Is there a setting somewhere that allows me to define delimiters?
Problem 2 is that I have set up a number of subscribers, defined some lists and allocated subscribers to lists using a super-admin account. I now want to give access to others to create campaigns and have created two other administrator accounts, but neither of these accounts appears to be able to access the information I’ve set up - they have no subscribers and no lists associated with them. How can I give multiple access to the subscribers and lists I’ve set up without sharing the super-admin account?
Many thanks for any advice and apologise if I’ve missed something obvious.
Gareth (SHADDO)

Please ignore problem 1 - I see the files are tab delimited.
Hoping there’s an equally simple solution to problem 2!!

@shaddo You can try changing the ownership of the lists to the other ordinary admins. Each should then be able to see their own lists and send campaigns to them.

You can tell phplist to use a comma instead of tab for export. Look in the config_extended.php file for something to do with excel, then copy that line to your config.php file.

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Thanks Duncan - that works. Both the admin and super-admin can see a list owned by the admin. Guess my idea of having separate logins for people managing the membership list is impractical - and probably unnecessary too!

Have now tripped over another problem - an ordinary admin can create a campaign and put it in the queue but can’t process the queue! I see from other posts that if I create a cron job this will process all queued items but just getting phplist up and running and using the sendgrid add-in has been stretching my talents - setting up a cron job is probably a step too far!
Do I have to resign myself to giving all those who might want to e-mail our members access as superadmins and hope they don’t fiddle with things that don’t concern them? Have been hunting for documentation on admins and superadmins but with no success so far so any advice most welcome.
Thanks, Gareth

Hi Gareth,

When you go to “Config” “Manage Administrators” and then click on one of the administrators, you get a menu to select what the administrators can do…

You would want to allow the administrator to ‘send campaigns’


Hi Dan,
Many thanks for the response. I had actually selected that option and it allows an admin to prepare and send a message to the queue, but it doesn’t allow the admin to initiate processing the queue. I understand from other posts that this is by design for the version of phplist I’m running (the latest I believe). For the time being I’ve made everyone a super-admin and when I feel brave enough I may try to create a cron job that will obviate the problem.
As a newbie to phplist I’d love to find some documentation to explain the thinking behind the setting up of admins and super-admins, and in particular how best to set things up for club mailing list management rather than publicity campaigns.Would be more than happy to help contribute towards this once I’ve got a better understanding of what’s going on!

Hey Gareth,

If you got this far, then setting up a cron job is not that hard :wink: and it will be useful once you’ve sent your campaign and need to process the bounces (hopefully not too many :wink: ).

In the short term, the admins can send the job to the queue, and you as Super-Admin, can send all the mail manually once a day or so… this also gives you the chance to look over the campaigns before they go out, which is probably not a bad idea 'till you all get the hang of it.

Hope This Helps
(another) Gareth

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