Export users list, delimeter

Is there any way to change delimeter on list of exported users?
I am editing exported list and looks like tab is not working correctly with Excel.

Can you determine what the delimiter is? If so, you can ‘text to columns’ in excel, which will reconstruct the columns.

Also in the config.php file, you specify what format you want. Put this in your file:

# the mime type for the export files. You can try changing this to
# application/vnd.ms-excel to make it open automatically in excel
# or text/tsv
$export_mimetype = 'application/csv';

use application/tsv if you want tab delimited, or application/vnd.ms-excel if you want an excel format.

This doesn’t actually change the delimiter, only the mime type sent to the browser.
There is another setting in the config file for phplist to use comma instead of tab as the separator

# if you want to use export format optimized for Excel, set this one to 1


Thanks for the clarification!


Hello Friends! Is there a way to set the delimiter in hosted? When I attempt to export my list I get a flat file of each records text just jumbled together with no separation. It’s unusable. I like to backup my list to file once per month. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Hey! I figured this out. You need to do TEXT TO COLUMNS with and select TAB delimiter. This breaks out the info into the appropriate columns. Thanks all!