Export does not contain all members

Hi, i am observing a strange issue in my exports. The database conains 8 subscribers, i want to make a full export but it contains only 4 subscribers. I have no clue why, i did a full export. Is there somewhere a field that is used to select without my knowledge?? The issue is even then i would have a full export in that case i can use the import to fix the missing fields in the export and import the data again.

Reason why i ask this : i have planned a procedure to export our customer relation system with email adresses and upload them in phplist, the upload will be on a montly base with as purpost at least having the actual customers and their mailadresses, in some cases it could increase the database and it could be i need to use the export to remove customers that left us, or changed their mailadress.


@eelco exporting works for me.
In the database user table try comparing the row for a subscriber who is included in the export with one that is not included. That might show something.

Otherwise, try exporting using the “when they signed up” option with a date in the past.