Excessive queue processing reports in 3.3.1

Four years ago I installed phpList version 2.10.19. It was fully successful for sending out event notices to a club mailing list. Several days ago I upgraded to phpList version 3.3.1. The upgraded system has so far been used to send only a couple of test messages, to a short list of just 5 subscribers. I sent these test messages from within the browser (which is what we did for our full mailing list of 700+ subscribers). At the end of the test campaign (sent to 5 subscribers), I expected a single phpList Message Queue Report, but I received two of them. The first report is for sending 3 messages, the second report is for sending 2 messages.

The first report includes this (among other statements):

  • Sending in batches of 10 emails
  • Processed 3 or 5 subscribers
  • 3 messages sent in 74.28 seconds

The second report includes this:

  • Sending in batches of 10 emails
  • Processed 2 of 2 subscribers
  • 2 messages sent in 48.45 seconds

In the config.php file are these statements:

These are the same config settings used with phpList v2. The throttle value of 24 seconds conforms with the hosting company’s limit of 160 messages per hour. The upgrade to v3 included copying the old config.php into the v3 system, so the parameters were preserved. Incidentally, if I change the throttle period from 24 to 36 seconds, then I receive not two, but three processing reports, splitting the group of 5 subscribers into 2, 2, and 1.

Hence my question: How do I configure the v3 system so that I receive only a single queue processing report? Why do the reports say processing is in batches of 10, when I have the batch size set to 0? Without a fix to this, I would presumably receive about 250 reports when sending a message to all 700+ subscribers, which is clearly unsatisfactory. Obviously there is a difference between v2 and v3 that I don’t understand. Thanks in advance for advice on this.

@GrahamB At the bottom of the report email there should be a link explaining how to stop receiving the reports.

phplist now will process the queue for only one minute elapsed when you process the queue in the browser. So you will need to revise your batch settings to reflect that, or use a cron job instead, which is recommended.

But you should be able to work-around that one minute limit by adding this to your config file