Error when creating advance bounces rules

Further to my previous post regarding understanding bounce behaviour Please help clarifying Advance Bounce Processing

I am trying to recreate my new bounce rules correctly and facing the issue of permanently receiving a “That rule exists already” error on the creation interface.

The rules are rather complex (see bellow) but inline to what I already had but with wrong actions applied in some cases.

I did remove all the old ones, rebuild indexes, etc and now think I tracked the error to be related with the MySQL field size of 512 characters. This means the error should say “rule too long” but I was wondering if there is any exact reason why that limitation should exist and perhaps the field should at least be 1024 char.

Sorry to come back on this, but unless there is a reason not to, it would be great to see the regexp field size increased on a future release of PHPList. We will be increasing our for now, but not sure how that can affect future updates if that table gest changes.

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@luison Great suggestion, thanks. FYI @xheni.

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I’ve change ours. Keeping it on larger VARCHAR forces to remove the index, so maybe a TEXT field or just larger varchar ignoring the index. Works on our end.