Error Sending Emails

I have been using the program for quite a while and worked fine. I had to change my password on the host along with the password to cpanel and the passwords to my email account on the host site. Now I cannot get a newsletter to send. I changed the password on the phpList Cofig/Settings page to match.

When I go into System/Log of Events I find
Processing campaign 272
Looking for subscribers
Found them: 2 to process
Error sending email to xx@xx.x SMTP connect() failed.
Error sending email to xx@xx.x SMTP connect() failed.
Processed 2 out of 2 subscribers

Nothing goes out and the email address are correct.

I am not sure what to test/check or fix now.
I have sent an email to my website through my host email and it works like supposed to. I sent to it and then it sends it along somehow. All I know is all I changed was the passwords and no other settings so I am at a loss for why it no longer works.

Thanks in advance for any help or ideas you might have.