Encode uploaded images to base64

Hello everyone,

I’m setting up a phplist installation and I want my images to be converted to base64 and send directly in the html email.
Is this already implemented?
Is there a plugin for that (I though I found one, but it was flagged as unsupported)?
If there isn’t, how would I create a plugin for that?

Best regards,

@heinrich The approach depends on where the images are located, in the phplist upload image directory or remotely. See system:config:all [phpList Resources] for embedexternalimages and embeduploadimages.

@duncanc Thanks for the Info. I can’t find [embeduploadimages] in config_extended.php though.

I tried to create the bas64 encoding myself and copy&pasted it into the message, but it was replaced by src=“blob:https://mailinglist.domain.tld/de4dc8fa-ff90-409d-89ba-34cc396c3c76” />
Is that normal?
Is there a page where I can see the images stored in blobs? My quess is, that they are stored in the database. So possibly the templates table?

@heinrich Just add the setting to the config.php file.

For an image in the content, as opposed to template, phplist creates the base64 encoded image when it is building the email to be sent out, they are not stored in the database.

However, if you add images to a template then you will be prompted to upload the image which will be stored in the database. You need to use only the image file name, not path, e.g. simply aaa.jpg not https://mysite.com/images/aaa.jpg.

I see. Thank you.