Embedding Images into Email so they show instantly & don't need to be downloaded

I’m under the impression that if I include images as attachments (rather than as source urls) they’ll show up straight away when someone opens the email & they wont have to right-click to download the images. Can I ask:

A) Am I correct in my thinking?

B) How can I do this in a phplist mailout?
(I found a plugin that I think did it here: https://resources.phplist.com/plugin/inlineimage ) but it says it’s no longer supported & it’s pretty old (2016)

Any help with achieving this would be most appreciated.



@phillegg There are two config settings that can be used to embed images depending on where the images are

EMBEDUPLOADIMAGES - images uploaded into the UPLOADIMAGES_DIR directory

EMBEDEXTERNALIMAGES - images external to phplist

Not sure how well these work, but you can enable them in config.php, e.g.


Have spent the last 2 days trying to get images to load automatically when people read an email sent via phplist but no luck at all.

Have tried:

But nothings working . . . very frustrated at this point in time!

Has anybody got any other ideas how to achieve this?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions


OK, have managed to reach a solution to this issue regarding getting images load so thought I’d leave an explanation as to what was required.

I was unable to get external images embedded into the email when adding the following to config.php

But… I was able to get images uploaded to the phplist images folder/subfolder ( shown as images/image in example below) to work when I included all of the following to config.php:

define( 'EMBEDUPLOADIMAGES' , true);

define('UPLOADIMAGES_DIR', 'images/image');



define('MIMETYPES_FILE', 'mime.types'); - For this to work I had to create a mime.types file that included all MIME file types I was looking to upload/use & place in root (public_html) directory

define('DEFAULT_MIMETYPE', 'application/octet-stream');

Once I’d added all the above to the config.php file, created the mime.types file and was careful to not go over the total attachment files limit of 100kb (not sure if it’s possible to change this limit - is it?) then the images were embedded into the email & so were dispayed on all emails sent out - nice one, looking great.

Thanks to @duncanc & @Dragonrider for helping me along the way.