Embedded images

I am new and using Phplist for the first time. Since a few days I’m setting up PHlist and could send some test mails.
So far everything is going well.
But I want to embed the images in a mail (newsletter) (I want the images to be inside the mail and not loaded from any server). Many mail clients block images, for privacy reasons. Understandable, because the recipients are spied out by such images.
So you understand that I am more interested in data protection than in the “success” of a campaign.
Since I’m new here and I’m not the super computer nerd, I would be very grateful for a easy-to-understand guidance. Thanks a lot!

Of course I searched this and the old forum and also the internet for this question. But everything I found is outdated. I had tried to implement some of it, but unfortunately it didn’t work (or I was too stupid - also possible).

I have also another question, but open another topic for this. To separate everything nice and clean :wink:

Have a great day!


Welcome to phpList and the forums.

As far as I know, images must be available online somewhere for you to include them in a newsletter.
Might be wrong, but think that is correct.

Thank you and hello Dragonrider (upsss ^^)

This link brings you to an outdated example.

At least it was possible… but I am sure someone knows a solution.