Embedded images missing in Outlook

Hey everyone,

I have been searching for 3 days now, seems that embedded images in PHPList won’t show in Outlook, any version for that matter. I have checked that Outlook downloads images, the URL’s of the images are correct as I can access them directly in the browser and they do show in Gmail for example. There is no Hotlink protection on the server where the list is hosted on.

Can someone point me in a direction on how to resolve this please?

Fixed it myself.

Outlook makes use of built in Settings from Internet Explorer. In order to fix the problem I followed these steps.

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Go to Internet Options
  3. Select Advanced
  4. Reset Settings button and Confirm.
  5. Close and restart Outlook

Thanks for sharing your solution @x18xe1! I marked as Solved for future use by other community members :slight_smile: