Embed signup form in external website

Maybe I’m too stupid to find the information, but how can I embed the signup form in my Drupal website? I tried to insert the source code of the signup page (the part between the script and form tags), but the data is not submitted to phplist…

did you change the submit location to the url of your system? basically you need to tell the form where to submit the information, by default, it is set to the localhost, but when you put it on another system, you need the ‘fully qualified’ url or else it worn’t work.

Ok, this is a good point. I can’t find any submit location in the code at all. Doesn’t it have to be in the action attribute of the form tag?

EDIT: ok, I just put the link mydomain.com/lists/?p=subscribe&id=1 into the action attribute and it works. The disadvantage is, that you still land on a phplist page outside the CMS. Isn’t there a way to stay on the same page, like it happens with the embedded Mailchimp signup form?

There is a way to do this, but I’m not sure exactly how.

There are signup plugins for wordpress that work the way you want, so if you are using Wordpress for a CMS, you can use the plugins. If not, then you’ll have to either look at the plugins and figure out how they do this, or perhaps @duncanc knows of a way…

Not sure about Durpal, but I’ve done this fairly easily on a couple of Joomla sites. Have you remembered to use the script required in the Header?

Hopefully there’s a reasonable straightforward how to on my site.

The problem was that the subscription URL was not in the action attribute of the form tag. My problem now is that after subscribing the user is forwarded to a phplist landing page, instead of remaining in the CMS. But I want to stay there like with the Mailchimp signup form.

So, finally I tried the webform module in Drupal, which can take a custom POST URL. I put in mydomain.com/lists/?p=subscribe&id=1 but instead of doing the signup and showing the confirmation page it only transmits the field data and opens the prefilled signup page of phplist where you have to click a second time on submit.

EDIT: Problem found: name="subscribe" was not in the submit input tag.