Embed local server images

Hi there,

I’m using PHPList 3.2.5 by Bitnami on the AWS Cloud.

I have been successful in embedding images inline in outgoing emails by using the new feature define(‘EMBEDEXTERNALIMAGES’, 1);

This works great for images from another server, but the users that are creating my campaigns aren’t too technical, and it would be so easy if they could simply use the built in image uploader while composing the campaign, to upload and select the images to be sent. The problem is, that those images do not get embedded inline at the moment.

Is there any way to get this done?


Then you should use define(‘EMBEDUPLOADIMAGES’,true); instead. It’s not an option that appears in config_extended.php, only online

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@lwc Wow, good call. Do you feel like adding that to config_extended.php, where it should be already, via a GitHub Pull Request, to help others find it in future?

I think it’s a very good suggestion! Can someone here do that?

Yes, you can! It’s Hacktober on GitHub - there was never a better time :wink:
If that’s impossible though, adding an issue to mantis will mean that others will be aware of it tomorrow, when we have a Bug Squashing event in Tirana with 20 or so hackers expected.

Why do you prefer me to do it over you? :thinking:
Because to be honest, I have so many mantis tickets laying dormant for years so I’m not exactly motivated to report someone else’s feature request.

Because many hands make light work, and relying on one or two individuals to do the technical work is an approach that results in very slow progress, as unfortunately you witnessed in the older issues which you referred to.
The fastest way to get issues resolved is of course to work on it yourself (thanks to Open Source this is possible). Failing that there’s little option but to rely on others, and one way to build that community of ‘others’ is to continually encourage them to participate - hence my requests.
In any case I have reported the issue, so let’s hope one contributor or other gets around to resolving it tomorrow.

Thanks for reporting. You did inspire me to write this further request!

But as for “older issues”, this year alone I have almost 20 tickets.

The state of the tracker led me last year to discuss bounties, which you might want to comment on.

Wow, clearly I was preaching to the converted; sorry about that.

Great idea in the newly reported issue – I’m confident that will get resolved very soon.

Thanks for creating the thread back in August which you linked to. I had missed that, but it’s now very timely as there are plans in this direction for the next few months. I’ll message you directly for feedback.