Emails (test and campaign) sent successfully but not received

The campaign sent to test emails and sending to a list both are shown as successful but no emails are received. There is no error/unusal entry in the Log Events
Version of PhpList is 3.6.14
The last campaign was sent successfully and emails received on Oct 19, 2023. Suddenly today (Oct 23, 2023,just 4 days later) emails are not received. No changes have been made to the system, the database, or the config since last successful campaign. What is wrong?

If nothing has changed, I’d suggest looking at your smtp server (the program that sends the emails to the users). sometimes you will will see some indications in the ‘system’,‘log of events’.

If nothing is there, then your next step would be to turn on the SMTP Debug setting (in the ocnfig.php file), and use that to see what’s happening when an email is sent.

Thank Dan,
I am at a loss, I am talking to my web host GoDaddy. They asked me to change theSPF record but no luck

Are there any bounces? that would be the thing to check next… somehow the system is sending something, and it needs to end up somewhere…