Emails taking over a month to send? why?

Hi, I have a basic php account, 50k subs.

I dont use my own server or anything, I just use the php site to send and use, and their interface etc…

In one month only five of my emails have processed. The rest are in a que…

What have i done wrong? can i speed this up?


I take it you have a phpList Hosted account? If so, your first port of call should be to submit a support ticket though your account.

Yes phplist hosted account.

I havent heard a response from them, thats why im posting here

If you can help?

is it a case of the hosted accounts are like this? That i really need to host it else where or something?

Sorry, cannot help with Hosted accounts, we have no access to these, suggest you chase up Support, they usually pretty good. Might be worth asking @Gingerling for her help in contacting support.