Emails send but phplist thinks they failed

I have phplist setup and it sends to all users successfully through smtp but phplist thinks they failed and keeps resending all messages over and over again up everyone on the last. It won’t stop unless i manually stop it. How can i figure out why it thinks it failed? Also now when i look at the event log it says that my sending email address is blacklisted and says it didn’t send but it actually is still sending

Please, help us to help you, cheers.

[quote]The information below will be super useful to those trying to help you:

The version of phpList you are using.
Your server version of PHP
The url to your installation where possible. (eg:
Which browser (and version) you are using to view your site.
Is your installation self-hosted or on (In which case, your best option is to submit a support ticket).
What exactly is the issue (screen snapshot can be helpful).
What you have done to try to fix the issue so far, including links to any documentation you have followed.

Be secure: please do not give passwords, ftp access details or email addresses out in the forums.[/quote]