Email headers: wrong return-path: after server update from php 5.6.32 to 7.0.25

in config.php:
$message_envelope = ‘’;

with php 5.6.32 my email headers looked perfect:

then i changed my web-server to php 7.0.25 and made no changes in phplist
now i get these headers:
Return-Path: >>> wrong

what can i do to get the correct Return-Path: ?

(i made an update from 3.3.1. to 3.3.3. with no effect)


so got an answer from my webhoster (german

(automatically translated)
if the script does not provide a correct return path, then the server sets itself. For PHP CGI it is info @ with any of the domains created in the KAS and for PHP module then www-data @ with the domain concerned. The problem with the wrong Return Path you have in both cases, it is only depending on the PHP variant of the server then set something else. You can also use SMTP for sending instead of the mail function. Then the server automatically sets the return path to the e-mail address with which you are sending.

will try to switch to SMTP sending - will report the result here :slight_smile:

Cant´t understand it, but under php CGI 5.6 everything works perfect - looks for me like a bug in PHPlist