Email addresses on third level domain not imported - e.g. a@sub.domain.tld

looks like “subdomain” email addresses like a@sub.domain.tld are rejected by the system when importing if the “filter invalid emails” is active. The addresses can be imported unchecking the option, but they are therefore automatically rejected when sending messages.

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php -v

PHP 5.6.19-0+deb8u1 (cli) (built: Mar 14 2016 10:22:33) 
Copyright (c) 1997-2016 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.6.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2016 Zend Technologies
    with XCache v3.2.0, Copyright (c) 2005-2014, by mOo
    with Zend OPcache v7.0.6-dev, Copyright (c) 1999-2016, by Zend Technologies
    with XCache Optimizer v3.2.0, Copyright (c) 2005-2014, by mOo
    with XCache Cacher v3.2.0, Copyright (c) 2005-2014, by mOo
    with XCache Coverager v3.2.0, Copyright (c) 2005-2014, by mOo

@aromicreativi I don’t think it is as simple as saying all subdomains are rejected.

There is a known problem with domains that begin with a digit see
Does that account for you problem? Or maybe there is another similar problem in the same area.

Thank you duncan,
that is exactly the problem I am experiencing, same provider, same domain.
Looks like this issue will be fixed with version 3.2.5

Thanks for helping,

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The release candidate for that version will be out today I think. If you fill out this asap, you will get access earlier.