Email address are being marked as invalid on import

I have a problem exporting the email address into the subscriber list.

1 lines processed
0 email addresses added to the list(s)
0 new email addresses imported
0 email addresses already existed in the database
1 invalid email addresses
Invalid addresses will be reported in the report that is sent to

Rejected email addresses:

But email address is valid. there is no problem.

when I checked the show original I see the email address have additional character added like below.


@sanwarhaider That looks like an encoding error. Try checking what encoding type is used for the file that you are importing. You may need to use a more sophisticated text editor. You could also do this using command line tools.

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I have similar problem on import email addresses which is valid.

How to do check encoding e-mail? I do that in Notepad++ but all e-mail is clear.