E-mail sent not sent to a small part of a list

Hello everyone,

Hope you are fine.

I have a little problem here; we configured a brand-new campaign, sent a successful test mail, and we tried to send it first to a group of delimited users.
Results? some received and others did not (they are all part of the same e-mail domain from the very same server).

So we checked the report generated by the campaign, 19 e-mail addresses processed, 3 failed(will try later)[sorry i have phplist configured in a different language, so error messages are surely not the same)

first question, is there anywhere i can find which E-mail address was not used? Because it seems that E-mails were not sent at all for the three users(and we checked the writing).

Our e-mail and phplist servers are both on the same physical server.
I checked in the config.php, the config_extended.php and the class.phpmailer.php if there are any reasons but i am now clueless.

Well, now, if you have any ideas, i would be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance, and best regards,

by the way, here our versions: phplist 3.2.1,
campaigns plugin 2.1.0

Julien Dumont

Bonjour Julien!
Your failures, particularly if they are temporary, could be because those users’ mailboxes were full.
If you go to Navigation > View bounces per list > (pick a list) then you can see which emails bounced. On the list you get, click over on the right, in the column TOTAL BOUNCES, and you will bring up that subscriber. Click the Bounces tab then the BOUNCE ID and you will get the diagnostic messages which may help you.

Hello Cornwell,

Thank you for you answer :slight_smile: and sorry for the late answer from my side. I checked and now i can say that no E-mail were bounced.
In fact, E-mail addresses were already declared as blacklisted by previous campaigns.
We created a new database, import contacts again and everything is fine now.

Thank you for your help, now i can see the bounces we the real campaign we send, really usefull.

Best regards,