E-mail-address with TLD .global is marked as invalid


I started using this wonderful tools just a few days ago. I am running version 3.5.4 on a linux server and already sent out my first campaign. This worked pretty well except for one address that is a .global domain. I confirmed this address is working fine, and I also checked the tlds-alpha-by-domain.txt file - the global domain is in there.

Am I doing anything wrong? Is there another place to check for allowed domains?

Many thanks for your quick help & regards,


@mr1tr6 you might need to force an update of the TLDs on the upgrade page, menu System > Upgrade phplist.


thanks for your reply. I already tried that, and it tells me that phpList is up-to-date.

@mr1tr6 There is a separate button to update the TLDs.

Thanks again, I found it and updated the TLDs. However, the system still complains about one invalid address which is the .global …

Is there any way I can check to allowed TLDs? E.g. in a file or in the database?

thanks, Mr1TR6

@mr1tr6 in the config table there is a row with ‘internet_tlds’ as the item column. The value column is the set of TLDs that should be being used.

Please show the error message that phplist is displaying.


The only message is see is “Ungültige E-Mail-Adresse: userid 604 email jan@***.” I also had a look at the internet_tlds field in the database, but it does not seem to contain any data (see attached screenshot). I also found something else. While the .global address is failing during a batch send, it works fine when used as a test address before the actual batch.

@mr1tr6 It appears that the upgrade of the TLSs did not happen. You can try forcing an upgrade by deleting a row from the config table with item column of ‘tld_last_sync’ .

Otherwise you can disable email address validation by setting a value in the config.php file. Look in config_extended.php for that, then copy the setting to config.php.