Duplicate page title marking bad impact in SEO

Hello to all supporting members,
Duplicate page title marking bad impact in SEO and need to resolve it. As I have installed phpList at: http://example.com/
So Subscribe page url is here: http://example.com/?p=subscribe&id=1
Now When I change my page title in english.inc

$strSubscribeInfo = ‘Subscribe Now…’;
$strRequired = ‘required fields are marked red’;
$strSubscribeTitle = ‘Subscribe to our newsletters’;

But finally the same page title shown for both url’s: http://example.com/ & http://example.com/?p=subscribe&id=1

Now I need to know that, how can I set different page titles for both url’s as mentioned above.
Hope to get response as soon in right way to resolve it.


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@Peteh2 Great question, thanks.

The default subscribe page on example.com is taken from the subscribe page with ID 1, so I believe that they are the same page and therefore have the same title. Have you tried changing your first subscribe page (‘edit subscribe page’), or the default subscribe page options on the settings page?

Hello samtuke,
Yes, I have also changed my “Subscribe Page” title from edit subscribe page but the result is same. As page title is basically depends upon english.inc, in this what we include and that’s become page title for both urls.
Here, I can say that both urls are different; since http://example.com represents the default page whereas http://example.com/?p=subscribe&id=1 represents our actual subscribe page where we can edit some/all info like in header, body and footer as some info directly inserted into default page http://example.com/ but when we create categories of newsletters for sending to our subscriber like Business, Jobs etc. then that are presents on http://example.com/?p=subscribe&id=1 not at http://example.com/
This issue needs to be resolved.

Thanks and hope its resolved soon.

@Peteh2 The fastest way to resolve it is to keep looking at the code as were doing in order to find a fix. I’m not sure what the best solution would be – if the two URLs always point to identical content, then a new way to differentiate them must be introduced somehow. Feel free to ask for ideas here.

Hello samtuke,

Since I’m not a part of phpList developer team, so I can’t do a lot but I can try because I’m user of phpList.
This issue is prime concern for phpList developers team, if they may want to compete other newsletter software avail on Internet.
As per my view, if header+footer is common for both urls and body+page title are different for both urls ( as mentioned above), then it’s been great achievement for phpList to come ahead w.r.t other newsletter software.

Thanks and hope it’s resolved soon.

@Peteh2 Please report this as a feature request on mantis (https://mantis.phplist.org/)