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I love phplist. My servers is on the intranet and I’m developing a tutorial for Group Leaders of our Charity so they can use phplist to keep their groups informed of current activities. My server is Ubuntu Linux (LAMP) with Apache, MySQL and PHP 5+ running on it. PHPLIST is version 3.2.4.

We have a lot of couples in our membership and they tend to use one email address for both partners. So this prevents us from unsing PHPLIST with placeholders for First and Lastnames for example. I’m hoping to find a way round this. Can anyone help?

Many thanks!

Well, given that you don’t (I assume) want to send two emails to the email address, you will only one one record of the email. I suggest then that you add extra name attributes, so You have

First Name
Last Name

First Name 2 (partner’s name)
Last Name 2 (partner’s name)

or something similar. Then in campaigns you can do placeholders like:

Dear [First Name] & [First Name 2 (partner’s name)]

in your message content :smile:

Excellent idea, thank you Anna. This will work fine for some mailshots but for matters relating to individual members we will have to send separate emails to the same email address.

I have and idea I will try and the next few days. If its successful I’ll document it back to you.

jags (webmaster {at} cheadleu3a.org)

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Hope you get creative! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :smile: